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Team Rujo presents: Katayaburiko

You play as Aika - a former member of a sukeban gang - who has found evidence that the local politician is corrupted. To prevent these memos leaking to the public said politician Kinchou Abe sends the city's most notorious sukeban groups to destroy Aika. Players goal is to defeat sukeban groups, recollect corruption evidence and make sure Abe doesn't rise as head of the national political scene.  

Our inspirations for the game were 1980's sukeban anime/manga/tv-shows, city of Nagoya and the game Vampire Survivors. 

This game was part of our groups  2D game project -course. Due to time limits, we so far have created a demo version of our vision. We also censored the game a little bit, so everyone can enjoy it.

Ps. There is a secret code in the game --> Enter + "****" + Enter

Enjoy finding the secret code :)


Katayaburiko.zip 61 MB

Install instructions

Download "Katayaburiko.zip" file

Extract it to a folder

Launch "Katayaburiko.exe"

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